I've been in Your Shoes...

After more than 35 years in the Campground, Hospitality and Resort industry I have learned many lessons the hard way … that is why I know: Running the day to day operations of a Campground, RV Park, Restaurant or Resort is an arduous task.

If you wanna do it right, there is no time left in the day to even think about Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), ROI or Cost Analysis, Marketing and Social Media,  Customer Service Evaluation, Guest Satisfaction Surveys let alone Web Design, Videos and non- competing Cross Promotions.

Is your head spinning yet?

How can I Help?

If you are looking for assistance in operating, managing, improving, growing, developing, promoting or marketing your Campground, RV Park, Restaurant, Resort or other hospitality venue – you now have a unique chance to work with a seasoned professional with 35+ years of international hospitality industry experience.

Save tens of thousands of dollars and benefit from my experience as a former campground owner, restaurant owner and board certified hospitality and marketing specialist, who has designed, built, managed, marketed, promoted and “fought in the trenches”. Yes, I walked in your shoes, with the added bonus of 35+ years of international hospitality industry experience and intimate knowledge of the associated challenges and requirements.

I will look at your operation, assess your venue, your staff and hardware, listen to your ideas and experiences, evaluate your position in the marketplace, test your competition,  analyze your marketing and your growth potential plus I will give you a comprehensive overview of all the things I’d suggest to streamline your operational procedures and “make your business more profitable”.

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Complete Evaluation

In this step I will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your current business . Are there established procedures? What is working? Do I see any omissions? Is the workflow logical? How is your staff (if any) reacting? Is your staff accepting, adapting or following your system?

Gather Information

My FREE initial phone and/or online (Skype) consultation is designed to learn about You and Your business

Operational Assessment

This step looks at your hardware, your day-to-day procedures, established operational guidelines or SOP’s, cash flow and ROI as well as marketing efforts.

Your Position in the Marketplace

In order to know your future potential, I’ll need to know where you stand in the marketplace. How do people choose you? Who is your competition? Why are people staying / or not staying with you? How can we maximize your share of the pie?

Web Presence

Do you have a website? Is anybody actually looking at your website? Pro’s and Cons of online reservation systems. What is your SEO ranking? What is your “local marketplace” ranking? How the wrong web strategy can make or break your success?

Marketing Analysis

I’ll take a comprehensive look at your current marketing efforts, on- and offline ads, your website, newsletter, promotions, cross promotions and everything else that was designed to bring people into the door. Then I’ll analyze what works and what doesn’t.

Social Media Presence

Are you really out there? Is Social Media helping or hurting your business? How should you present yourself online? How to avoid getting blackmailed via reviews? How to make Social Media your Friend?

Marketing Add-ons

+ Website Design

+ Website Optimization

+ Video Production

+Social Media Banners and Videos

+ Logo Design

+ Press Releases


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First Contact

100% FREE initial online (Skype) and/or phone consultation. I wanna get to know you.

Planning Phase

We’ll mutually agree on a time frame to come to your park and I will send you an agreement, as well as a list of things we need to get the project(s) started.
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After Arrival

I’ll conduct a thorough on site assessment, studies, observations and analysis. Visit your competition (under-cover), talk to local businesses, talk to campers, staff and familiarize myself with your operating procedures.

My Suggestions

After completing my assessment, I will devise a game plan, a strategy or call it a road map. I will then sit down with you and give you a comprehensive report of my observations, findings and analysis combined with ideas, operational guidelines, suggestions and road maps for Implementation – the works.

Implementation Phase

I will present you with a comprehensive to do list of operational guidelines and suggestions.  You can decide to do all, none or part of the Implementation of my suggested strategies, actions and ideas yourself (until this point it’s all done on our “bartering*” promise. However, if you want me to implement the suggested ideas, projects or strategies for you, you have the chance to enter into a more comprehensive consulting agreement with a negotiated retainer.

How can I help you business succeed? Call now!


Meik Bartoschek

Board Certified Consultant, Business Consultant and Marketing Consultant

with 40+ years of International Hospitality, Marketing and Customer Service Experience, Meik Bartoschek, CPC, CPBC and CPMC has gathered a vast amount of knowledge and expertise that can help your business venture reach new directions, new focus and  new heights





Mon. - Fri. 10:00 am - 8:00pm EST


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The Fine Print

* RV Park, Campground or Resort Consulting is offered to qualifying applicants on a first come first serve basis.

All evaluations, assessment, preparation of implementation “road map” as well as final presentation and discussion of findings will be done solely at the consultants discretion within a pre-determined time frame.

Applying for a consulting spot does not guarantee acceptance.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.